Jewish Town

IMAG2483Just a few cities in Europe can boast a better preserved Jewish Ghetto than Prague. Six synagogues, a Jewish Town Hall, ancient cemetery and the unique genius loci make Josefov in Prague a »must see» place in Prague. Get to know the unsettled history of the Prague Jews, their architecture, traditions, customs and stories. During this private tour you will learn all history about Prague Jewish community, its customs and traditions. You will hear interesting facts about famous Jews like Rabbi Loew, Mordecai Maisel, Jacob Bassevi, David Gans, David Oppenheim. The tour includes visit to the Old Jewish Cemetary, the Pinkas synagogue, the Klausen synagogue, the Maisel synagogue, the Spanish synagogue and the Ceremonial Hall
Duration: 3 hours, walking tour
1-3 people — 90 EUR per group
4-7 people — 110 EUR per group
Entrance tickets:  300 CZK (11 EUR) per person.

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