On this page you will find information about the most interesting events in Prague and Czech Republic 🙂


febiofestPrague International Film Festivat Febiofest
FEBIOFEST was founded in 1993 by FEBIO, an independent film and TV company. Starting as an enthusiastically organized, basically no-budget event for a couple of friends and film buffs, FEBIOFEST has grown during the past years into one of the largest film festivals in the Czech Republic, which nevertheless still maintains its original profile as an audience-friendly festival.
Dates: 23th — 31th  March 2017

Plakát A3Beer Festival Tabor — Pivni Slavnosti Tabor
Tabor – is the ideal medieval city. A labyrinth of medieval streets, monumental city walls, and a fascinating history, and they are different brands and types of beer 🙂 Festival takes place in Hotel Palcat.
Dates: 22-25 March  2017


129Hop Festival — Chmelfest in Zatec
This Festival is a Žatec beer festival — an allegorical parade, funny hop competition and a tasting beer produced in Zatec. Hop Festival takes place in May every year on the central square of Zatec. Žatec — a town where you will find the Temple of Hops and Beer.
When: 6 May 2017


ritirBattle of the Nations — Bitva Narodu 2016
Battle of the Nations is the most spectacular World Tournament, where the best fighters from all over the world face each other in Historical Medieval Battle.  Journey back to the Middle ages with unique adrenaline pumping show.
Dates 2017 to be confirmed


CzechBeerFestCzech Beer Festival — Cesky Pivni Festival
Try unique Czech beer in the biggest beer event in the Czech Republic!
In the Czech Beer Festival of Prague the visitors can taste several kinds of beer.
Dates: 11 — 27 May 2017


brevnovMedieval Celebrations in Břevnovský Monastery, Prague
The Medieval Tournaments, medieval dance and music, market much more. Performance where you can see a knights in full palte armors who demonstrate brilliant duels, beautiful costumes and elaborate theatrical figures of the King and the Princess.
Dates: 27 th May 2017


pruvodKarlKing Charles IV procession
King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and his Queen Elisabeth will travel from Prague to Karlstejn Caslte — the historical procession. In this year’s parade will be attended by guests from Italy, Germany and France. So it will be really a magnificent procession!
Dates: 3-4 June 2017 (previously)


RozaKrumlovFive-Petalled Rose Celebrations in Český Krumlov
The famous Lords of Rosenberg who once owned the dominion are back! The spirit of the Renaissance age is brought back to life for three days with the hubbub of jousts, craft fairs, medieval music, street plays, and fencing duels to culminate with the highlight of the festival – a spectacular procession in historical costumes featuring knights on horseback and many notables linked with the history of the town.
Dates: 16th June — 18th June 2017


KHoraThe Royal Silvering of Kutna Hora
The Royal Silverning of Kutna Hora is a Gothic festival taking place in Kutna Hora, famous Bohemian medieval mining town. Spectacular scenario brings the royal mining town of Kutna Hora 620 years back to the beginning of the 15th century.
Dates: 23 June — 25 June 2017

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fabiofest52st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is the largest film festival in the Czech Republic and the most prestigious such festival in Central and Eastern Europe. It is one of the oldest A-list film festivals  a category it shares with the festivals in  Cannes, Berlin, Venice, San Sebastian, Moscow, Montreal and Tokyo.
Dates: 30 June — 8 July 2017


hopBeer Festival Dočesná — 60th Hop Harvest Festival
It is the Festival with the longest tradition in the Czech Republic.
Here you can always find a lot of different beers from the Czech Brewers.
Beer Festival takes place in September every year on the central square of Zatec.
Žatec — a town where you will find the Temple of Hops and Beer.
Dates: September 2017

mikulov_vinobrani1Pálava Wine Harvest Festival 2017
Those who enjoy the choicest culinary delicacies, good wine and entertainment can look forward to three days of lively merriment with a diverse program. Aside from traditional folklore always connected with wine in Moravia, there are also concerts of popular music bands of various genres, brass bands and dulcimer music ensembles. The Pálava Wine Festival cannot do without a vintner’s marketplace or stalls serving the drink called «burčák». Dates: 8th — 10th September 2017.

tabor1International Historical Festival — Tabor Meetings Festival
Do you like a medieval atmosphere? So, do not miss another year of the Tabor Meetings Festival — parades in historical costumes, exhibitions, concerts of religious, medieval or contemporary music, open-air theatre performances  and the list goes on and on.
Dates: 15th — 17th September 2017


vinobrani1Znojmo historical grape harvest
Znojemské historické vinobraní
The central figure of the grape harvest is king John of Luxembourg, who came to Znojmo in 1327 to celebrate his successful negotiations in Wroclaw. The town prepared a splendid program for him, fragments of which can be seen to this day. Every year the harvest attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Znojmo, who come not only for the wine and half-fermented wine “Burčák”, but also for the excellent cultural program, which must always include the procession of king John of Luxembourg with wife and courtiers.
Dates: 15th — 17th September 2017

vino14 1533The historical wine festival in the Karlštejn Castle
This wine festival at Karlštejn is not just about wine tasting, but it also offers a varied accompanying program. Enjoy a Gothic fashion show, learn historical dances and have fun watching the fire-swallowing show, fakirs, fencers and court magicians. The path to the castle is lined with stalls reminiscent of period shops. The highlight of the two-day event is a parade in historical costumes.
Dates:  30 September — 1 October 2017

budejcyInternational Beer Festival
Bohemian International Beer Festival is the most prestigious event of its kind in the Czech Republic. 2018 will be the 28th year in a row the festival is going to be held, for the first time in the South Bohemian metropolis of Budweis (České Budějovice) on the premises of the local exhibition grounds.
Dates:  Fabruary 2018